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King Shiloh Soundsystem

King Shiloh Sound System, based in Amsterdam, Holland, is an international, independently operating, roots reggae & dub sound system, founded and inspired through the inspiration of Jah Rastafari in 1991. The state of the art 40kw 6-way stereo sound system is at the heart of all activities, spin-offs include the King Shiloh Majestic Music record label. Read full bio.



  • Earl 16 - King Kong - Askala Selassie.
Heat on the street, next week!
  • Roar Like A Lion- Danny Red. 
Bigggg Chunneee!
  • 2000 new record ina the yard. seen, not to mention a bunch a t-shirt. #kingshilohsoundsystem #kingshiloh #iri
  • Sir Round Sound 
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  • This weekend inna Münster! 
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  • Teaming up with @mctyphoon, more than ready for the @redbullned culture clash! See you there @mrpolska @boazvandebeatz @appelsapx @djpaulelstak @darkraver_official @djmoortje #kingshilohsoundsystem #redbullcultureclash
  • Dub addict we a dub addict yeaaa..
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  • Lyon #kingshilohsoundsystem #kingshiloh
  • Lyon dance was massive give thanks one and all. #kingshilohsoundsystem #kingshiloh